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"I was referred to Amy through my OBGYN who performed surgery for my endometriosis last year. He's recently incorporated Eastern medicine with gynecology for pain management and scar tissue prevention and I could not be more pleased. Although I've had a lot of acupuncture before specifically for female health, it brought only short term relief. However Amy knows all the right spots on the entire body for long lasting healing on a regular basis. Plus she does cupping at the end which helps with my back tension. I was rid of all my PMS pains and soreness this last month and it feels like a miracle. In addition to her knowledge, she is very gentle, kind, and caring. I can't recommend Amy enough!" -G.D.

"Amy embodies the qualities of a skillful acupuncturist; She has an extensive knowledge of traditional Chinese medicine, a vibrant passion for health and wellness, and a compassionate presence as a practitioner. Her sessions are both informative and nurturing, making it a safe space to address health and healing.  Patients are in good hands in Amy's care and I am always eager to refer and recommend her. " - J.C.

"Amy has done a great job in alleviating a lower back pain during my late pregnancy. It took me only two of her acupuncture sessions to relieve a lower back and leg pain. She is very gentle, and attentive. I definitely recommend her services." -N.K.

"I came to Amy  with major back pain (L3&L4) and was at the crossroads of potentially having to have surgery.  I experienced numbness in my leg, due to having a pinched sciatic nerve.  I've been seeing Amy for almost 6 months now and have had remarkable results and improvements.  The numbness in my leg has subsided and my back pain is minor and no longer need to have surgery. I would highly recommend Amy and her services!  She is phenomenal at what she does, she is caring, and really takes time to help you on your road to recovery." -J.S.

"I was recommended by my doctor to see Amy. I was hesitant because I previously go to acupuncture somewhere else. However, I was willing to give it a try. After a few appointments for acupuncture with Amy, I have not returned to my previous place. That should say a lot :) Amy is extremely kind, caring, and knowledgeable. She is really easy to communicate with, taking the time to get to know you and truly wants to heal you. I always leave my session feeling 100% better inside and out. I am extremely grateful for Amy's practice and I highly recommend her services!" - M.F.

"Great, friendly attitude. Very accommodating and great bedside manner. Flexible schedule. Will gladly recommend in a heartbeat. 
After seeing a different fertility acupuncturist for the past six months in preparation for in-vitro fertilization, our regular lady had decided to schedule vacation right on our transfer date; so she wasn't going to be with us during our procedure which sucked because that's why we started seeing her in the first place. After a frantic few days of searching, my wife and I found Amy through Thumbtack and setup an initial consult visit. We were relieved to find out that Amy was available on our procedure date and we were also glad that she was very competent and had more technologically advanced treatments available compared to our other acupuncturist (she has these cool electrode stimulating devices hooked up to the points, and she placed more points in compared to our other acupuncturist). Then when our fertility dr moved our procedure up one day earlier we were even more relieved to find out that Amy was willing to accommodate us and re work her schedule. All in all I am glad things turned out the way they did otherwise we may have never had the opportunity to meet Amy and had the wonderful experience that we did. Thank you Amy." - G.L.

"I’ve had sciatica since I was first pregnant 12 years ago. It has flared up since, despite messages, chiropractics, tinctures and exercise. I’ve NEVER felt relief until I had my 3rd session with Amy- I was able to stretch deeper and run longer than I have in months, if not years, last week. She is professional, knowledgeable and an expert. She’s also empathetic, easy to talk to, and has great energy. Highly recommend!!!!" - C.T.


"I was suffering in agony for weeks no solutions were working to alleviate my arm pain and what was more complex was that I was pregnant so options limited :/ Thankfully Amy shared her special gift and let me know she does acupuncture for all. She was so flexible with her schedule, a great communicator, and super safe with Covid protocol. Best of all she resolved my issue quickly! The experience was very unique and so relaxing 😎 Huge gratitude 🙏🏼 shout out to this healer." - D.D.

"Amy is so wonderful. It’s very important when I seek healers that they are attentive, friendly and professional!! Amy Diamond is this and much more. My sciatica pain was horrid when I first saw her. Yes, today I am walking, sleeping and pain free. Please visit her and you won’t be sorry." - A.L.

"I first started seeing Amy 6 weeks ago for a neck/shoulder injury that was very painful - she's resolved that issue and we've now moved on to preventing that injury from happening again as well as anxiety/stress support. I also love that I can get b12 shots! I feel better than I have in a year!" - C.W.


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