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Q. What should I know for my first appointment?

A. For your first appointment, be sure to wear loose comfortable clothing and eat something at least 30 min prior to your treatment time.  Your first appointment will last approximately 75-90 min, with all other appointments lasting 50-60 min.  The benefits of acupuncture start immediately.  After your first treatment you could experience an excellent night of sleep, higher energy, more focus, less stress and a reduction in pain.

Q. What should I wear for my treatments?

A.  It is best to wear loose, comfortable clothing to your appointments. However, anything is fine! There are plenty of sheets and infrared heat lamps to help keep you warm and comfortable!

Q. Does acupuncture hurt?

A. Acupuncture needles are thinner than a strand of hair and typically do not cause pain.  Everyone's perceptions of pain and discomfort are of course different.  As a practitioner, I take great pride in being very skilled and compassionate in approaching each of her patient's needs and concerns .  I treat many needle-phobic patients and have specific methods to help ease fears and calm the nervous system's response.  More common sensations one might feel include an achy or dull throbbing sensation, warmth, or a slight sense of things "moving" in the body. All of these feelings show that the "Qi" (chi) or the energy that flows through your body has been awakened, and this is a good thing! 

Q. What does acupuncture treat?

A.  Everything!! The beauty of Chinese Medicine is that unlike typical Western medicine, we are a holistic, all-encompassing medicine. While the most common syndromes people seek out an acupuncturist for typically include acute and chronic pain or general stress reduction, patients soon learn that many other conditions can be treated through acupuncture and other modalities of Chinese medicine - whether it is physiological or psychological - acupuncture and Chinese medicine treat both the mind and body simultaneously and therefore can treat an extensive list of conditions and disorders.

Q. What are the benefits of acupuncture?

A. Acupuncture taps directly into the nervous system to release endorphins and calm the fight-or-flight nervous system response to constant stress - something that is often the root of whatever dis-ease is ailing the patient. Acupuncture serves to rebalance our minds and bodies on the whole, reduce pain and inflammation, and allow for the smooth flow of qi (chi) and blood. In doing all of this, patients may feel more relaxed, have improved sleep, reduced pain, reduced injury or post-surgical recovery time, improved circulation, and an overall improved sense of well-being.   Acupuncture and Chinese medicine provide a supportive and non-invasive approach for prenatal and postnatal care, infertility and the treatment of other gynecological conditions, as well as multiple other physiological and psychological conditions. Acupuncture is a valuable option for preventative non-invasive medicine used to maintain low levels of stress and inflammation.

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